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Welcome - A note from Ivan

Hello, and welcome to my Train Per View dog training video lessons. What should you expect to find here? Although you will find Dog training videos, I would like you to think of these videos as Private Sessions with Me. These sessions will be on very specific subject(s) and will give you techniques that you will be able to understand and put to use right away. I have developed and tested the techniques described in these lessons, with great success, against the other methods out there (the proof is in my accomplishments).

The Dog Training Video library will be gradually filled, but because training is a lifetime endeavor, it will never be complete. The average length of each video lesson is approximately 22 minutes long. It is my sincerest belief that this is by far the most convenient way to take a private lesson with Me.
Here is why:

  • You can be virtually anywhere in the world, no need to schedule the lesson, no driving, no flying.
  • You can take a lesson at any time day or night. You will not have your dog by your site to keep you distracted.
  • Each lesson will keep you focused 100% on the chosen subject.
  • Unlike a live lesson I will not miss anything that needs to be covered.
  • Owning a training book or Dog Training DVDs have huge disadvantages - once they are produced nothing can be updated.
  • My TrainPerView lessons are guaranteed to stay up to date with my current training views.
  • I developed my system to be simple and easy to follow by any dog and its trainer, teaching is interactive and fun!
  • In all video lessons I use excellent examples and step by step instructions.
  • After viewing few times you should understand the concept and will be ready to apply it, there is no need to buy the lessons.

I’ve designed this site to be very easy to navigate, but first you need to become a Registered User. The average price to rent one of my video lessons is only $20.99.

Each Online Video Dog Training lesson can be viewed as many times as you need to, within the rental period. For detailed information on how the rental period works click here. If you haven't seen my video series "Obedience without Conflict", please read my note here before purchasing any videos on this site. If you have, don't forget to view the FREE Dog Training Videos "The Patches" to the DVDs here.

Yours in the dog world,

Ivan Balabanov

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