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Dog Training Video - The Circle Track (foundation)

Directed by
Ivan Balabanov

Ivan, Misc puppies, Older dog and handlers

I developed the "Circle Track" method intially as a way to correct tracking problems which were created by the handler(s). Within couple of months I began using the method to actualy introduce the young pupies or older dogs to tracking and avoid the problems all together. The Circle Track has become a bestseller video and is now widely accepted as the best foundation system by top competitors and beginners alike! I could not say enough about the benefits of my system. It teaches the puppy or older dog to work independantly and methodically, which creates the most optimal speed for precision tracking! Scent pads, short puppy tracks, and basically everything that you may have learned about tracking at your club or seminars and books, will not make any logical sense after you watch my video lesson! From the very first track a YOUNG PUPPY will already learn more than what traditional ways to teach will need months to accomplish! 1. Work each track in a slow methodical speed b) track without food in every food step. 2. Learn to stay focus and work one track for much longer time than a regualr IPO3 track. 3. Not get influenced by the handler and work independent 4. Not be affected of the wind dirrection. 5. Work different terrains ..... and much more I guarntee you, this lesson will make tracking fun for both you and your dog! You don't need to be an expert to teach your dog how to track with precision Video is apporximately 22 minutes long

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